Good day there, my first name is Brad and I am the face behind this weblog. I enjoy writing about real estate property investing.

I started out as an amateur just as you and enjoyed close to zilch success in my investments. In fact, my first 2 real estate purchases were a total failure. I lost greater than I gained. However, I didn’t fully understand nearly all of the advice I’m at present sharing on this site, therefore the lack of success was expected from a holistic standpoint.

After dabbling in the properties investment world for the very first time with virtually no financial success, I made the decision to make it. I became determined to never give up no matter the size of the obstacles I encountered. I decided to attempt yet again but this time more seriously, and strive once more I actually did.

Now here comes the most interesting part. I gained incredible success after delving into the real estate investment landscape to acquire all the knowledge I needed to achieve something significant. I began making profits big time, all thanks to that resoluteness to not simply acquire the necessary information I needed, but additionally to realize success. My initial failure also played an important part in my achievements. It was a learning experience for me personally.

Whenever I’m not here posting, I’m most of the time attending discussions, gatherings, and heading seminars. Any time I’m at home, I spend time with my spouse and kids. We are one big happy family.

The purpose of this website is to discuss my knowledge in order to help you benefit from my 5-year experience completely free. If you have any questions, send me an email.